6 Space Saving Interior Tips
April 2, 2017

6 Space Saving Interior Tips

because not all of us have £5m for a big house in the city

I don’t know about your living situation, but for many people including myself, living in a city can be damn expensive.  Parking spaces in London can go for around 150k (for some thats the cost of a small flat) so at a time where space is becoming more expensive and less frequently found, our Topology designers are always on the lookout for great space saving interior tips. This week we’ve compiled them all into one handy post for you so you can trick your guests into thinking you’ve been able to rent or buy a lovely home with enough space to swing a cat in…



See if you have the ability to ditch chunky furniture that takes up a lot of space where possible. Don’t have the space for a chest of drawers or wardrobe? Then see if you can use the rooms natural structure to replace furniture e.g. use an extension pole to create a clothes rail. This will free up precious space but still create a well designed look. 

space saving interior tips
IKEA clothes rail scandi bedroom


TOP TIP: ditch your clunky wardrobe for a clothes rail. They’re fixed with tension- so no nails or bad DIY jobs. Easily removable & only £5 from IKEA. 



Opt for homewares or furniture which are transparent – by this we mean you can see the rest of the room through. Why? Because if you can see the room around the object, your eye will view more of the room and trick the brain into thinking it’s bigger than it is. Examples would be Kartell ghost chairs, Harry Bertoia grid chairs or less fancy items like a good old IKEA geometric pendant light. 


IKEA geometric wire pendant light


If you’re lacking space, mirrors are the perfect addition to literally any room. Not only can they be placed on the wall and not take up precious floor space, but they also reflect light to make a space appear bigger. The best place to position a mirror is opposite a window to reflect the most light possible.

space saving interior tips
space saving interior tips


With city living space becoming smaller and smaller, the need for rooms with purpose is increasing. For instance, instead of turning that second bedroom you use for guests into that office you’ve always wanted, how about utilizing the extra space you may have in another room. Create the work space in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Or perhaps you don’t have have a second bedroom but want friends and family over? Make your living room into a make shift guest bedroom with the help of a sofa bed.

space saving interior tips Ikea desk hack


It’s a myth that small rooms deserve equally small objects. By using small furniture you’re actually shrinking the appearance of the room and making it look even smaller. Instead, add oversized floor lamps, pendant lights, plants or wall art. 

space saving interior tips


An ingenious way to get the most out of your small space is to use items you already have to double up as something else. Pile up books neatly as a side table and place a lamp or vase on top. This functions as both a book storage idea and a side table whilst showing off your literary prowess through your book choices. Or, use something you already have like an empty box or crate as a side table. This means it won’t waste up space sitting in your cupboard, plus it looks great too and didn’t cost extra money. 


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