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What is virtual interior design?
We are a virtual interior design company, so what this means is that we can offer low cost interior design help as keep we cut down costs like consultation fees, regular meetings, travel expenses etc. We offer 3 levels of packaging, which you can view here which vary from just a bit of interior guidance to having your space completely designed. What you can expect to receive are things like mood boards, swatches and samples in the post, 2D or 3D vectors and sketches, 24/7 ongoing email support from your assigned designer and the main feature is a huge list of what to buy and where to put the items. All contact is via email and phone and everything is done digitally, so you can sit back and relax whilst we do the work for you.

Can you do house visits? 
We make sure our clients send over detailed floorplans, images and videos of the space so we understand what we are dealing with so house visits are not necessary and not something we currently offer.

What happens if I don’t like my design? 
We can assure you that this wont happen, as we talk to our clients throughout the entire process and ensure what we are designing is all according to your style preferences and budget. If however, once you receive you design you are not satisfied, please do let us know as we are happy to revise the design if you have opted for a package which includes revisions (revisions consist of changing up to 5 items or colours). We have 100% positive client feedback on Houzz, please click here to view.

How long does an average design take to complete?
We tried and allow around 7-14 days for each design. If you aren’t in a rush, that’s great as this allows us to research a wider variety of furniture and get samples sent to us if needs be. Alternatively, if you need to get a design on a shorter lead time, just get in touch and we will always try to accommodate. 

Do I get access to your trade discounts? 
Yes! We are all about affordable interior design so strive to get access to as many discounts for you as possible. We have a list of homeware companies that have teamed up with us to give us exclusive promo codes which can be used online to buy products, alternatively we have also set up a wide variety of trade discounts with companies like Topps Tiles, Loaf,, Habitat, Victorian Plumping etc. If there are any companies you want to buy from, simply let us know and we can try setting up as trade with them.

Can you offer bits of advice, or certain parts of your package? 
E.g. ‘I just want a mood board’, ‘I just want advice about layout’ This is not a problem. Just let us know what it is you would like us to do and we can accommodate and discuss pricing.  

How do I receive my design? 
Apart from swatches and paint samples we send in the post, your design will be sent you via email as a pdf presentation.


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