The ‘Design My Space’ Package 

for those who need us to hold their hand throughout the design process

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What Does My £295 Include?

The 3D Render

Like the bathroom pictured above? Well thats an example of the quality of our 3D renders. These are what  your main feature in this package. These are created from scratch by your assigned designer and will be the most powerful tool in seeing what your space will look like. In full colour, the 3D design can be viewed at all different angles, zoomed in and out for you to really see what every nook and cranny of your room will look like. These designs take days to do and designers usually charge an arm and a leg for them, so you’re actually stealing from us. If you do opt for this package, please allow extra time for completion.


interior design

Mood Board

We include a personalised mood board in your design. Like a scrap book page, it displays all the items your designer has chosen for you. This allows you to see all your suggested items as a collection and is such a powerful tool for you to imagine what your space could look like.

The Furniture List

Charged at £295 per room, the main feature of this design package is what we call ‘The Furniture List’. Like the other packages, this list is a detailed presentation booklet made up of a huge array of items – however this package offers even more. We will provide you with both cheap and expensive options as well as different coloured options for everything, even down to the accessories like cutlery or vases. These items are your Topology designer’s recommended items which you can choose whether or not to buy for your chosen room.  Not only do we tell you what to buy, but we tell you where to place them, their price and their techy specs. We also included direct links to the retailer website and exclusive Topology customer promo codes and trade discounts so you can save those pennies. You will also get a section of Notes, which will be additional information on things like why we think you should opt for a certain look, or why not to use a certain type of paint etc. You get the jist.

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Trade Discounts

We’ve set up trade accounts with a whole bunch of companies such as Habitat, Loaf, Anthropologie, Sweetpea & Willow, Topps Tiles,, Amara, Houseology, Lombok, Bag & Bones etc so we can get you discounts on the larger bits of furniture. If there are some companies you like and want to purchase from, just let us know and we will always try to set up trade with them to get you a discount. Saving an extra £100 on a few items really adds up – and makes our service effectively free!

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Promo Codes

In addition to getting access to our trade discounts, Topology has teamed up with a huge number of homeware retailers to get you exclusive discount codes to use online. Some of these companies include the likes of: Swoon Editions, Rose & Grey, Graham & Green, Barnaby & Co, Trouva,  Pasx Homeware, Urbanara, Attypna, Amara, The Curious Department, India May Home and more! These promo codes are yours for life – they might come in handy for Christmas presents…

Fabric Swatches & Samples

Expect to receive fabric swatches in the post for things like curtains, wallpaper, upholstery fabrics, carperting etc. We basically cut out all the hard work for you.

3x Revisions

If there is anything you aren’t quite happy with, we will revise up to 3 items in your design, 3 times in order to make sure we get the right look for you. Don’t be afraid to tell us, working on someones home is a very personal thing, and we want you to be 100% satisfied.

Wall & Flooring Advice

Stuck on whether to go for matte or emulsion paint? This package helps answer those questions for you.  We’ll head you in the right direction for trusted suppliers – this is where you have the potential to say some serious money with our trade discounts.

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