The ‘Help Me Decorate’ Package 

for those who want a bit more in depth assistance 

What Does My £150 Include?

3D Layout Sketch

This is one of the main features of this package. Your designer will create you a 3D sketch of what your room will look could look like if you follow your Topology designers instructions and guidance. It’s a hugely powerful tool and really makes your future room begin to come to life. If there is anything you don’t like, or want to tweak, no problem, we’re happy to edit this layout for you up to 2 times until you’re 100% happy.

help me decorate package

Mood Board

We include a personalised mood board in your design. Like a scrap book page, it displays all the items your designer has chosen for you. This allows you to see all your suggested items as a collection and is such a powerful tool for you to imagine what your space could look like.

 The Furniture List

Charged at £150 per room the help me decorate package’s main feature is what we call ‘The Furniture List’. Like the £95 basic package, this list is a detailed presentation booklet made up of a huge array of items – however this package offers more. We will provide you with both cheap and expensive options as well as different coloured options for everything, even down to the accessories like cutlery or vases. These items are your Topology designer’s recommended items which you can choose whether or not to buy for your chosen room.  Not only do we tell you what to buy, but we tell you where to place them, their price and their techy specs. We also included direct links to the retailer website and exclusive Topology customer promo codes and trade discounts so you can save those pennies.


24/7 Email Support

Once we’ve assigned you to your designer, we give you their email address so you can hassle them as much as you want. Even if it’s 2am and you’re stuck on whether to go opt for matte or gloss paint, drop them a line and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We want you to know that your designer is by your side for every step of the process.

Promo Codes

For the Help Me Decorate Package, in addition to getting access to our trade discounts, Topology has teamed up with a huge number of homeware retailers to get you exclusive discount codes to use online. Some of these companies include the likes of: Swoon Editions, Rose & Grey, Graham & Green, Barnaby & Co, Trouva,  Pasx Homeware, Urbanara, Attypna, Amara, The Curious Department, India May Home and more! These promo codes are yours for life – they might come in handy for Christmas presents…

Fabric Swatches

Expect to receive fabric swatches in the post for things like curtains, wallpaper, upholstery fabrics, carperting etc. We basically cut out all the hard work for you.

Trade Discounts

Because Topology is all about affordability, we want to get you the best possible prices. That’s why we’ve set up trade accounts with a whole bunch of companies such as Loaf, Habitat, Lombok, Anthropologie, Sweetpea & Willow, Topps Tiles,, Amara, Houseology, Little Green Paint, Dulux, Bag & Bones etc so we can get you discounts on the larger bits of furniture. Imagine – if you save 15% on that sofa priced at £1250 – you’ve just made back our fee and our service is effectively free. Plus, you can use our trade accounts to buy anything you want, not just the items we recommend. We don’t even mind giving the discounts to friends and family too if you ask us nicely.

Wall & Flooring Advice

Laminate? Engineered Wood? Carpet? Tiles? Too many decisions. So that’s why this package gives you suggestions on what to opt for. We’ll head you in the right direction for trusted suppliers and get you the best possible prices – this is where you have the potential to say some serious money with our trade discounts.

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