3 Reasons To Have Neutral Homeware In Autumn
November 2, 2016

3 Reasons Why Your Home Should Be Neutral This Autumn

yes pumpkins are naturally orange but we like them white

1. It’s Darker Outside, So Make It Brighter Inside

British Summer time has officially ended as the clocks went back on October 29th. So in an effort to make our lives a bit brighter now that it’s getting darker earlier, neutral interiors are key to a happy home. Use colours like white, creams, beiges, ‘greige’ and taupes to create a light interior on those dark nights.


2. Neutrals Are A Foundation

Neutrals are a great base, especially in autumn due to seasonal changes we encounter. For example celebrations like Halloween, Thanks Giving, Fireworks Eve, Christmas & New Years (albeit the last two are winter!) are times typically when we like to decorate with vibrant colours. Therefore, using a neutral base for your surroundings mean you can liven up your space with your decorations instead so you don’t run the risk of overbearing decorations and colours.


3. Neutral Colours Help Show Off Textures

Autumn is all about thick blankets, sheepskins, hides, duvet etc. When you use neutral colours, these act as a base for all these textures to come alive. When using neutral colours, mixing these textures can really ‘pop’ despite being typically ‘bland’. Try mixing cushions on a bed or sofa for maximum impact – we like the idea of mixing taupe linens with sheepskin cushions.


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