Pillow Talk Ep 6: Kathryn’s Boho Bedroom
December 6, 2017

Pillow Talk Ep 6: Kathryn's Characterful Bedroom

a gorgeous bedroom, but her cat steals the limelight.

For those of you who’ve missed our last Pillow Talk, a feature where we showcase amazing bedrooms worth lusting over, click here to see Fiona’s pink bedroom. But for today, let us tour you around Kathryn’s boho bedroom which beautifully combines both light and dark interiors flawlessly. Kathryn lives with her boyfriend Jim and their two Persian cats Nellie & Silvie – who totally steal the limelight in this post! Originally from Yorkshire, they moved down South almost 4 years ago for work. Their home is inspired by their travels, in particular the USA and Scandinavia, and you can see these lovely influences in the design. Scroll on down for some great home inspo…

boho bedroom
boho bedroom design

What was the design process?

My biggest challenge when we first moved in was adding some character to a purpose built flat. Jim and I are both used to living in old houses and the majority of our furniture is either vintage or second hand. Moving into a relatively new flat (it’s only 7 years old) meant that I needed to consider how our furniture would sit in the space. As the flat is only small and open plan I decided to go for a consistent colour scheme of white and dark greys throughout and I thought colours like F&B railings and downpipe would be the perfect backdrop for our old furniture and add some character to what were otherwise quite boxy rooms. 
boho bedroom design

What was your inspiration?

We have both fallen madly in love with Scandinavia over the past few years and the monochrome colour scheme is definitely inspired by AirBnB homes we’ve stayed at in Denmark, Norway and Iceland. A complete minimalist scandi look is not our style however, so we’ve layered on our furniture collection which is made up of battered old hand me downs such as our wooden trunk coffee table and chesterfield sofa which add character to the home. 
boho bedroom design

How would you define your style?

I love the William Morris quote about filling your home with only things that are beautiful or useful and I try to follow this mantra. I like to create cosy spaces that reflect our personalities and interests. 


If you could only own one homeware item what would it be?

I think a big kitchen table is the heart of any home. Lots of my childhood memories revolve around sitting at the kitchen table chatting as a family and I love it when we sit at our table when my parents visit. We only have a small one in the flat as there’s not much space but I’d love a long reclaimed battered wooden table in our next place.
boho bedroom design

 “You don’t have to spend a lot of money – invest in key pieces like a good bed, armchair and rugs. “

boho bedroom design

If you’re just as in love with Kathryn’s bedroom, you should check out more of her cool home on her instagram. Her hand is @kos.home

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