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So You Want To Be An Interior Stylist?
September 12, 2017

To any home decor lover, or general nosy person, life as an interior photographer sounds ideal. Think travelling the world to see amazing places, snooping around peoples homes, getting inspired by great decor ideas etc – it all sounds amazing. So we decided to

If you are thinking of redeocrating or amidst it, it’s really important to think about where the fabrics you choose are going and what they are going to be used for. Do you want to end up with a sofa that’s got really bad colour fading? Or a chair thats been stained by red wine? 

6 Space Saving Interior Tips
April 2, 2017

I don’t know about your living situation, but for many people including myself, living in a city can be damn expensive.  Parking spaces in London can go for around 150k (for some thats the cost of a small flat) so at a time where space is becoming more expensive and less frequently found, our Topology designers are always on the lookout for great space saving interior tips.

How To Know What Paint To Use?
March 24, 2017

When decorating your home, paint is usually the first thing we think of to make a real transformation. But what paint? How can we know which brand to go for? Or whether we should get emulsion or matt? What’s a limewash, I hear you say. Well, these are the kind of questions we are going to be answering for you in this post.