Designing For The Future: Trends We Need To Consider Now
August 1, 2017

Designing For The Future: Trends We Need To Consider Now

future homes are going to kick ass.

Sustainability is already a buzzword. Why? Because there is an increasing pressure from governments and global organisations for people to reduce their carbon footprint. Some homes have already embraced sustainable elements like solar power through photovoltaic roof panels but the house of the future will benefit from more widely available, affordable self-sufficient energy resources.

Some inspiring individuals are already taking a genuine interest in being more environmentally friendly, and one of the easiest ways to do this is within your own home. In 2017 it’s not cool to be wasteful, and in future we’re sure as hell it’s gonna be mandatory to be enviro-conscious. Here’s a snapshot of how we see the future of sustainable interior design…


Picture Credit: Zaha on Pinterest 

A New Seamless Design Trend


Switching to solar power = cheaper heating costs = under floor heating (often thought of as expensive) could become the norm, meaning in future we’d have no radiators or pipes on the walls. The result: a ‘seamless’ look in future homes. We can also say goodbye to carpet as wooden floors or tiles will become the warm alternative, adding definition and creating a sleeker appearance.

As technology advances and hands-free and Wi-Fi enabled actions develop, just the wave of a hand or spoken word will dim your lights / turn them on and off. What does this mean for walls? Light switch free. Coupled with no pipes and radiators, the walls of our future houses will be more amenable to large pieces of art or unbroken colour, or put another way, more seamless.


Picture Credit: Arch Daily

Technology Will Get Smarter


Imagine never having to worry about closing or opening the curtains! It could be the future thanks to sensory window glass that changes colour according to sunlight levels. An alternative will be electric blinds (which are already taking off), but either way it’ll lead to an industrial trend in the home. Less window dressing means less traditional homely cosiness and a more high-tech, officey vibe. 

Imagine that forgetting your door key is never a problem. That’s right, in future we might be saying goodbye to door keys too. Front doors will no longer be accessed through locks, instead your smart phone will open the door either in person or remotely. We can also expect to see a rise in battery charging pads around the home – that’s a flat surface upon which you can place any electrical item to charge (see picture below). You will find them on breakfast bars or side boards and they simply blend into the surface. No need for awkward clunky charger wires and ugly plug sockets means a calmer, less intrusive impact on your room. Technology is really on our side, isn’t it?


Picture Credit: Tipic’s Tulèr smart kitchen worktop as seen on Amara.

Changing Face Values


It would be neglectful not to consider exterior design when addressing these future interior trends…after all it’s the solar energy from the roof that will enable many of these changes. But solar technology won’t necessarily mean ugly roof panels. Architects are designing swanky roof tiles to carry out the same function to charge batteries hidden within and will also incorporate green roofs featuring living plant material to soften the look. Technology has become so crazy that’s it’s also now possible to 3-D print homes (yes, really). Imagine asking someone where they got their house printed! Quite comical, but amazing. The printed houses will be digitally manufactured on site giving design freedom and lowering the carbon footprint dramatically.

The house of the future may be seamless, slicker, smarter…maybe even 3D printed, but most importantly it’ll be more sustainable, and we support that. 



Picture Credit: 3D printed house by Facit Homes.

Does your home ooze sustainability already? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you! 

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