Desk Decor Inspo That Makes You Want To Work
July 3, 2017

Desk Decor Inspo That Makes You Want To Work

if you're gonna work from home, at least make it enjoyable.

Perhaps this is an incorrect assumption, but my guess would be that the majority of you reading this will probably have a 9 -5 job…am I right? If I am correct, hopefully your work doesn’t exceed beyond your paid for hours. But for some it most likely does and the need to work from home is real. This is especially true for all us creative freelancers that have left city jobs because we can’t cope with routine and being under someone else instruction. So in a bid to help you feel more motivated and constructive, we’re here to show you how to create some dreamy desk decor inspo – get ready to add these snaps to your pinboard people…

desk decor inspo


Desk Lamp 

Awesome Stationary 

A Stylish Desk Chair 

An Office Bin 

Some Visual Stimulation e.g. art work, photo frames 

A Plant Or Flowers 



On The Left: Sarah Akwisombe’s Pink Home Office 
On The Right: Kate Young’s Scandi-Boho Desk 










desk decor Inspo

Tip 1: Add A Calming Element

I always think with styling desks, that there should always be an element of calm. This could be this in the form of neutral colours, a candle or even something as simple as a desk plant. These are things that will help us remain calm when the work load can be getting a bit stressful. 

dreamy desk decor
dreamy desk decor
dreamy desk decor

Tip 2: Epic Stationery

Yep, it’s obvious. Stationery is a must for anyone looking to style a desk, actually it’s a must for anyone wanting to use their desk.There are so many great brands out there, like one of our faves Ohh DeerFor me personally though I opted for Harris & Jones, because I love the fact you can actually choose your design on each product. This makes it really personal to you. I opted their waste paper bin (I adore the print), their journals and one of their mini note pads. I chose my bin and notepad to have the same design as I’m a big fan of coherent, flowing designs – I like the way your each can catch the same thing in two places, it makes it look well styled. 

desk decor inspo
desk decor inspo
desk decor inspo
desk decor inspo

Tip 3: Desk Lamp

I don’t know about you but when I was hunting for a desk lamp, it was like desk lamp overload. There are so many out their which I fell in love with – so many styles, colours, sizes etc. In the end I went for this one from Life Of Rileya smaller brand, and therefore something I knew not everyone would have. I also love the fact it’s tall, that it can fit within many interior styles and is generally a timeless piece – it’s simple but beautiful and I’m in love with it. I might marry it. In all seriousness, the brand has some great other products – I particularly like the Cowhide Magazine Holder & Brass Lamp

Tip 3: A Clock

I don’t know about you but when I’m working time just seems to fly by. So in a bit to keep myself running on schedule, I like to have a clock visible to me. There’s something also quite soothing about hearing it tick. I opted for a one of Thomas Kent’s clocks as it’s quite Scandi in design. You should also check this gorgeous one out from Cox & Cox – grab a 20% discount code here too. 

desk decor inspo

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