Get the Look: Game of Thrones
July 13, 2017

Get the Look: Game of Thrones

Recreate G.O.T down to a T

Hi everyone, welcome to Get The Look: Game of Thrones. After our Get The Look success with House of Cards we thought we’d go for another one of our favourite series….and what better timing as season 7 starts in just FOUR DAYS! Anyway, you might watch Game of Thrones and admire those sumptuous, gothic interiors, but when it comes to imagining it in your own home, it just looks weird right? That’s correct if you recreate the entire look – but there’s no need to go for whole medieval shebang. The key is to get the look by adding subtle items – a metal lantern here and a luxurious chaise lounge over there. Less is more kinda thing. Here’s how we think you should get the look…


Feature Picture credit: Squarespace

Get the Look Game of Thrones

The Hanging Light

I mean, you can’t get more Game of Thrones-y than this hanging branch chandelier from Maisons Du Monde. The multi-arm light with it’s candle like bulbs has plenty of medieval appeal while the copper keeps it modern to fit your home. It’s also huge, so you’ll definitely be making a statement. 

The Black Lacquer Drawers

One way to get the Game of Thrones look is to introduce dark items into the room and these black lacquer drawers from are perfect. If you’re not quite comfortable with dark furniture then these are ideal as at 38cm deep they won’t look too chunky.

The Metal Lantern

In almost every scene of Game of Thrones you’ll see a lantern of some kind…sitting on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, perched on a table. This one could also pass for modern Scandi, so it would work perfectly in your home as a reminder of your unhealthy GOT obsession, without going overboard. Find out where we found it.

The Reindeer Rug

Get the Look Game of Thrones

It goes without saying that animal rug = Game of Thrones interior goals. Snap this one up from Newtons Furniture. 

The Sumptuous Chaise Lounge

We’re not quite done yet. In fact, we’re just half way through. This opera-style chaise lounge is next on our list to get the Game of Thrones look (perhaps this one is a little less subtle). It may look very boudoir darling but trust us that red velvet has GOT written all over it. 

The Mahogany Bed

Get the Look Game of Thrones

‘How can it be Game of Thrones without something mahogany’, we hear you thinking. Well, we give you the ‘Antoinette’ bed from Newtons Furniture – handmade and handcrafted (ooh, very GOT)! Rumour has it if you fall asleep in this bed you wake up looking like Daenarys Targaryen.

The Moroccan Table

Get the Look Game of Thrones

There must be zillions of these Moroccan style metal tables in the Game of Thrones props cupboard. We like this one by India May Home for it’s good size, affordable price and pretty surface detail. 

The Ruby Red Four Seater

Because one red sofa just isn’t enough. Well at least not if you’re a real Game of Thrones fan. Att Pynta are one of Topology’s all time fave brands, so together with one of our favourite series it makes a beautiful marriage. The ruby red has a medieval quality while the shape keeps it contemporary. 

Get the Look Game of Thrones

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  1. What an interesting concept so beautifully executed! It looks like these pieces would be easy to get hold of by themselves, and can easily be toned up or down depending on how hard core you want your Game of Thrones inspiration to be!

    1. Glad you enjoyed Amy’s post!

  2. Love this post! I work at a prop house & we do loads of stuff for Game of Thrones. The chair on the left & lots of the smalls & softs in this shot are ours! Always so much fun to work with Rob & Annie; I love going around with them & watching them go through their process. Rx

    1. Thanks for your comment, amazing you do stuff fro G.O.T!! So jealous .Just looked at your website! It’s great X