Grow Your Online Business With These Simple Tips
February 15, 2017

Grow Your Online Business With These Simple Tips

i did a tonne of research and went to a business conference so you don't have to.
grow online business

When I set up my business and website I had no idea about digital marketing, ad campagins, adwords, SEO – nothing. I naively thought traffic would just come if I made my website look good, but that is definitely not the case. My twitter which is my oldest and most used social media account has over 6.5k followers. I foolishly thought this was enough when I started my business but turns out Instagram, pinterest, facebook etc are crucial to success and now I’m getting there with my other accounts. So in an effort to step up my game, I recently went to a business marketing conference and I learnt so many tips that I just had to share them with you…



4 Essential Ingredients

User Experience.


grow online business


Your new best friend. If you haven’t heard of this and you run a website or business, then this is going to really help you out. Like big time. Having good SEO is what help you increase your website traffic and therefore hopefully more sales / leads / views etc. All website providers e.g. WordPress, Wix etc will have some sort of plug in to help you do this, e.g. for WordPress SEO YOAST is an amazing tool.


CONTENT is your content relevant to what the user is searching?
PERFORMANCE how quickly does your site load? If it loads slowly, you’ll rank lower in google
AUTHORITY is your content useful enough to be link to by other authoritative websites? 
USER EXPERIENCE –  is it easy to navigate around your website? Is it safe? What’s the bounce rate?

Look in to all of these things and improve them and watch your traffic grow.

grow online business


Make sure your 3 Meta descriptions are between 100-150 characters, any longer or shorter than that and google may penalise you. Meta descriptions are the short sentences that describe what the page is which you can edit to whatever you like. Make sure you also include your key words in these. 

Your page titles should be between 42-60 characters

Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google etc look for H1 & H2 headings, ideally 1 per paragraph. This makes them think you are making your page easily readable for website traffic and you’ll rank higher for this. 

Improve your image SEO by adding ‘Alt Tags‘. Whenever you upload an image, you will have the option to add an Alt tag this is where you should put your keywords. You can then describe what the image is in the description box. By telling google what your images are of will increase your search engine ranking.  


grow online business

If you want to an overview of what your website SEO is, I would highly recommend getting a free SEO Report. do a great one. I’ve included the link above. It’s an amazing tool to help you analyse your website and help you improve the four key things above.

To get better content use websites like Quora and Buzzsumo. These will help you view what your target audience will want to read about and help you to create engaging content.

grow online business

To decrease the loading time of your website enable a GZIP compression file (this is in the form of a plugin usually). It should reduce the website speed by about 50%. OR, delete the amount of plugins you have for a quick easy way.


These are basically words that people will type into google in order to find you and your competitors. For example we use ‘affordable interior designers’. A great quick way to help you choose key words is by typing things into the google search bar and seeing what pops up as these will be popular search words. See the image example below. 

grow online business

Use these keywords as your image ‘alt text’, in your html slug (i.e., in your posts text and in the meta descriptions to have a better google search engine ranking. 

grow online business


Fed Up of writing hashtags? Well you’ll love this tip. If you have an iphone there is a genius feature called text replacement ( go to Settings – General – Keyboard – Text Replacement). Here you can create a word so that everytime you type it, it comes up with pre-set phrases e.g. I chose the word ‘instahash’ so that it instantly pops up with 15 hashtags  #interiordesign #interiordecoration #houseandgarden. You’re welcome!


We find that competitions are most successful on twitter because it’s so easy to RT and FOLLOW. Competitions can generate hundreds of RT’s for the simplest of prizes. Use hashtags like #freebiefriday #competition #giveaway #win #freebie to generate interest.

grow online business



  1. Get 3 linkbacks to your websites from other websites
    You can do this through offering to write a guest blog or writing a review on a product / service. This improves your rankings. 
  2. Create a list of your top 10 editorial competitors
    For example if you work in the interior industry, look at House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Country Homes etc. Why? Because they are huge companies with marketing teams designed to make engaging content. Use their websites are inspiration for content or marketing strategies. Don’t directly copy, but take inspiration. 
  3. Use Quora & Buzzsumo
    See if this makes a difference to the quality of your content and whether your bounce rate gets better due to better content
  4. Set yourself a goal
    Give yourself a realistic goal of what you want to achieve for the end of the week e.g. 100 followers on Instagram or 1000 page views a day. Combine all your tips and you’ll smash them out the park.


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  1. Super helpful! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. These are some great tips – Ive really been trying to work on my SEO this month!

    1. so glad you found them useful! I think I may do some more research and post another business post again – so stay tuned!