Homeware Brand Alert : Feathr
September 21, 2017

Homeware Brand Alert : Feathr

Artsy, bold, ballsy.

The fabulousness of the London design week events this year has got us wanting anything but vanilla homeware. Seriously, at the moment we’re up to our eye balls in radical, artistic design so it’s what we’re feeling drawn to – and oh have we found a little gem in artistic homeware brand Feathr. They’re all about bold prints and lairy colours. Their products are fun, and if you had one in your home it’d be a real conversation starter – just check out the tattoo wallpaper. We asked director Tom about the concept of Feathr’s artistic homeware, what inspires them and how they manage to pack humour into their designs. 

What is the concept behind Feathr?

In its simplest form: “More art. Less decoration”. We collaborate with contemporary artists and creatives from around the world to create original wallcoverings. Our whole mission is about bringing a new creative energy – whether from tattooists, photographers, graffiti artists or painters – into the creation of wallpaper. We’ve also now expanded the concept to fabrics, cushions and chairs.

How would you define the brands style?

We don’t have a house style: just a house belief. That each artist should bring an original aesthetic that challenges the conventions of wallpaper and, most importantly, moves us. That’s how we can have the brutalist tattoos of Liam Sparkes sitting next to the romantic watercolours of Claire de Quenetaine in our collections. It’s not about us ordaining what a customer’s aesthetic should be, but about us offering a fresh and challenging roster of artists to choose from.

What’s the design process / sourcing process behind your products?

Selecting the artists you want to work with is as simple as selecting the art you want to live with. It’s an ongoing process of discovery and learning. So we try to keep as many doors open to artists as possible. Whether we spot their work at a gallery and tap them on the shoulder, or if we’re recommended to them, or if they find out us through our yearly crowdsourcing programme – the process matters less than the end result. Which is that you find a new artist that you love and moves you.


What are your most popular products?

Our stand out items this year have come from American painter Kiki Slaughter and Finnish artist Reeta Ek. Oh La La by Kiki Slaughter has picked up no.2 spot at the Wallpaper of the Year Awards, whilst Reeta – who created the English Rose wallpaper and fabric series for us – has just been awarded Finland’s prestigious Designer of the Year. They’re both painted pieces, with drama and depth. We’ve found that customers this last year have been seeking out designs with evidence of an artists’ handcraft in them.

What is your top interior design tip?

Don’t have a television. They suck the energy of a room and become the unavoidable focal point: those black screens are the blackholes of interior design. No one’s ever walked into a home and said, “Wow, I really love how you’ve styled around the TV.” Get rid of it and your space will open up: you’ll have so much more freedom to make the room work. Plus, you’ll have a whole lot more free time to learn more about interior design!

If  you could only own one homeware item, what would it be?

I’m a sucker for wingback chair: a place to escape, to read, to snooze. And if I had to choose one, it’d be the Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair. It has the most wonderful organic lines to it and it just shouts out: come here, get comfortable.


Still hungry for more wacky prints & pieces from Feathr? Check out their Instagram: 




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