Top 10 Instagram Decor Ideas
April 18, 2017

Top 10 Home Decor Ideas As Seen On Instagram

pssstt...maybe an idea or two to copy from here?

I don’t know about you but here at Topology we’re all Instagram crazy. Sometimes I find myself thinking’right time for work now’ but I’ll soon realise that I’ve been scrolling on Instagram for an hour. It’s like an interior addicts version of Tinder – I’m forever lusting over home decoration I wish was mine. So, to prevent you from also spending half you day mindlessly flicking through various IG’s, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 10 Instagram Decor Ideas – think hacks, design inspo, amazing ideas & general loveliness. Comment below if you find some more worth sharing!  


Beautiful Shelf Inspiration by by_theak 

We absolutely love these camouflaged floating shelves / picture rails. Not only because they blend into the wall allowing the ornaments / pictures to pop out visually, but also because it’s a great use of such a small wall. Typically a wall you wouldn’t even consider doing anything to, it’s now a handy storage solution which looks amazing! 

Industrial Feminine Kitchen by sweetpeapaper

This kitchen set up is the perfect combination of an industrial style, with a bit of femininity. We love the idea of using a iron pole with hooks on it to display your favourite crockery like mugs, utensils etc. 

Moody Dark Exterior Decor by patirobins

 If you haven’t come across Pati’s instagram yet, it’s a must see if you’re into bold, darish, dark yet colourful interiors. You can actually see our interview about her home here. Her ability to up-cycle, re-cycle and generally make anything look amazing is on point. In this pic, we love her emphasis on making her exteriors as incredible as her interiors. Has truly inspired us to make that extra effort in our outside space.  

Ikea Desk Hack by lustliving

Filling up space and making it look well designed can get pricey, so we love Olivia’s IKEA desk hack of using two chest of drawers and a kitchen worktop counter. It’s great because all together it doubles up as a great storage solution with 2 chest of drawers and a desk. These IKEA units are also available in other colours so you could mix it up a bit to create a different look.See more of Olivia’s home here

Pink As Fuck by mulberrymoondecor

Go bold with your kitchen -why the hell not go full on pink on pink? And why not include some home decor in there just to mix it up a bit. We love love love this set up. It’s vibrant, playful and fun. Kitchens don’t have to be sterile and boring – add some sassy decor once and a while and perhaps you’ll be chilling out more in the kitchen than the lounge. 

Funky Eclectic Modern Bathrroom by suburbansalon

We seriously can’t get enough of Suburban Salon. Owner Julia has got serious style and she shares it across her Instagram like in this magazine worthy bathroom. With a mix of paint, wallpaper & tiles in just one room, this image inspires us to get creative in our bathrooms. Go jazzy with the wallpaper people and enjoy the view whilst you take a…poo.  

Small Space Solution by topologyinteriors

Hmm are we a bit cheeky choosing ourselves? Well, Harpers Bazaar didnt think so when they chose this image as top small space solution! Check the article here. To make the most of small rooms, especially with empty alcoves, why not add a tension pole (available from ebay, IKEA etc for about £5) and create a built in wardrobe for pennies. It’s a great way to store your clothes on the cheap, and looks great too! 

instagram decor ideas
instagram decor ideas

Brilliant Black Sconce by bo_decor

How amazing is this idea of using a mirror ball to reflect light beautifully around the room!? We are stunned. What an great idea if you have dark walls / interiors that need a bit of lifting. We’ve seen a few people try this out, so probably one to watch out for, as it will most likely burst onto the interior scene. 

Brilliant Black Sconce by stanwellstyle

What a great idea to paint your ceiling sconces! This black looks chic, glam and modern, but obviously you can run riot with this idea. Think metallics like copper or gold or why not opt for something bright and bold like a pop or orange or yellow? 

Vintage Upcycle Wall Art by deewasenius

Wall art can be expensive. so why not take from inspiration from Deidre and upcycle some existing pieces. We love the way she’s spelt out love with an ‘O’ from a bicycle wheel – if you’ve gone one lying around at home it’s effectively free decor. Slap a bit of spray paint on and you’re laughing! Why not try spelling out H.O.M.E? 


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