Our Interior Design Workshop: Why You Should Come Along!
November 15, 2017

Our Interior Design Workshop: Why You Should Come Along!

well if the thought of mince pies, prosecco and a goodie bag isn't persuasive enough...

Oh the joys of endless shopping trips to Ikea, countless tester paint pots and headaches on how to choose what flooring to get. If you’re looking to argue with your housemate / partner redecorate or redesign your home, wouldn’t it be nice to get some simple and affordable advice, ideas and inspiration? Well that’s why we’d like to help. Next month in December, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd to be precise, we’ll be hosting 4 workshops for all interior enthusiasts. Whether you’re wanting some help on how to move forward with your own home design, or thinking about becoming an interior designer or maybe you just want to pop along to discuss the latest trends and drink free prosecco, you’re all invited and we’d love for you to come meet us! So how much is it and what will you get from it? 

interior design workshop
interior design workshop London


To give you a bit of info about the course, it’s great for anyone looking to get some advice on how to start a room design. We’ll be discussing with you how you can settle on a colour scheme to choosing your fabrics and planning out your furniture layout. The best part of the course is that it’s very hands on – we allow attendees to bring in their own floorpans or photos of their room so we can discuss what steps you could take next as a group and get feedback from like minded interior enthusiasts.

For the last half of the course, we also require you lot to bring a laptop. This is so we can show you how to download free architectural software so you can draw to-scale floor plans and don’t worry it’s EASY! It’s so easy you should be drawing to scale versions of your space within 10 minutes – quickest person at the end of the class to draw one will be rewarded with a special prize too!  

interior design workshop london
interior design workshop


East London, Aldgate East is about a 1 min walk away and Shoredich is close if you fancy a walk through London’s trendy part of time. Perhaps a shopping trip or a pub drink after the course is over? The workshop itself is being held in one of the ‘Cuckooz’ flats, designed by designing duo Jordan and Russel of 2LG Studio (pictured). As you can see it’s a beautiful environment to be chatting interiors in and we want you to feel at home, so take a seat on the Habitat sofa or make yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen. Oh and there’ll be pastries for the morning classes and mince pies for the afternoon sessions. 




  • Sit down, have a cup of tea and introduce yourself to the group and explain why you’re here 
  • Amy & Athina will share their knowledge with you on the fundamentals of interior design; the rules of colour, fabrics, lighting & spatial planning.
  • Exchange advice on each others homes and ask design questions to the Topology team
  • Halfway through we will enjoy some prosecco and nibbles and get to know each other.
  • For over one hour we’ll learn how to use free downloadable architectural software that allows you to create 2D floorpans so that you can create to-scale drawings of rooms you want to design for either yourself or a client (if you’re a budding designer!).
  • Learn how to draw basic furniture shapes on your 2D floorplan so you can accurately plan any space you ever design.
  • Who ever can draw the quickest floorpan by the end of the course wins a prize.
  • Say your goodbyes to your new friends and leave with a goodie bag in hand supplied. 




All professional photos of the flat were provided by Cuckooz

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