Life As An Interior Photographer & How To Get Good At It
July 23, 2017

Life As An Interior Photographer & How To Get Good At It

top tips straight from the guru herself.

To any home decor lover, or general nosy person, life as an interior photographer sounds ideal. Think travelling the world to see amazing places, snooping around peoples homes, getting inspired by great decor ideas etc – it all sounds amazing. So we decided to speak with our favourite photographer, Georgia Burns, to show off some of her incredible shots. We also find out what it’s really like to be in her shoes and also get her to reveal her interior photography tips. Have a read and if you’re feeling smug upload them to instagram with the hashtag #topstylefiles. You’ll automatically be entered into our fortnightly competition and be in with a chance of winning a special prize.

interior photography tips
interior photography tips

Georgia’s Top Interior Photography Tips:


1. Have a high f stop so that all elements of the room are sharp when shooting 

2. When having it on a tripod, you can have a slower shutter speed so that you can let more light into the photo

3. Shoot a range of full room, mid range and detail shots as it’s good to mix it up and show a bit of everything

4. Don’t use too much of a wide angle lens when shooting your full room shots as you run the risk of distorting it

5. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around, style the shot as much as needed


interior photography tips

What made you get into interior photography?

When I first went to University I thought I wanted to be a fashion photographer, soon realising that it really just wasn’t for me. The Ed and Ad course I had enrolled on at Uni gave me every chance to explore where I wanted to end up in the industry, which is where I found some of my favourite photographers. Discovering the work of the likes of James Merrell made me realise that you could create some amazing imagery within interiors as long as you’ve got the right houses…

interior photography tips

I feel that interiors had always interested me but I didn’t see it as a huge part of the photography world. My parents ran their own building company so I’ve always been around new houses being built. I couldn’t wait to see the finished house and was sometimes disappointed when they would just sell it as a shell. Combining my childhood and my new found passion for creating some great interior stories I felt it was for me.

interior photography tips

What’s the best thing about getting to explore peoples homes?

I would have to say it’s being able to see how someone puts their personality into their home. Everyone expresses themselves very differently when it comes to the way they design their interior. You learn a lot from what you see and it can spark some great conversations as to where they got something or why it’s there.


The higher your ISO, the more sensitive to light it is. To maintain a crisp photo, try to keep you ISO as low as possible. 


interior photography tips

What’s been your favourite home to photograph and why?

I’ve loved shooting all the homes that I have but I would probably have to say shooting Kyla’s home was my favourite. The way in which she used the space of her home and that gallery wall was just stunning, you know you’ve got a favourite photo when it’s your home page of your website.

interior photography tips

What’s your best practical tip for taking a great interior shot?

 My tip for taking great interior photographs is to never shoot too high, don’t be looking down on your furniture because it gives the photo a weird point of view. As an interiors photographer if I’m not stuck in a corner of a room, crouched down at at least one point of the shoot then it doesn’t feel right.

interior photography tips


Keep your shutter speed above 80. Anything below this runs the risk of being blurry. 


interior photography tips

What’s your best advice for someone wanting to get into this as a career choice?

 If anyone is wanting to start out in interior photography then I would say all you need to get going is a good DSLR. A 35mm lens is a good one and also a sturdy tripod. Working for free is a sticky point, you don’t want to, everyone who wants your work wants you to, but sometimes it’s worth its weight in gold to do it. Opportunities can arise from people or places that you sometimes never expect. The main thing I would suggest is just have fun, understand interiors and enjoy what you’re photographing! 

interior photography tips
interior photography tips

If you want to check our more of Georgia’s interior photos, head to here instagram here or her website here.

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  1. So many good tips! This would really get someone started on the path to great interiors photography. 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Tamsin, & thanks for your comment!

  2. Very useful tips from Georgia and such beautiful photos! Really jealous right now 🙂

    1. Glad you like it!

  3. All these tips are spot on. I would add that you should try to buy your camera body and lenses separately. If you are buying for the first time it might seem daunting trying to decide which lenses to go for, but best to spend more time researching than spend money buying new lenses later. Also think about vignettes (groups of products that tell a story). It is one of the easiest ways to add designer-worthy style to your home. You can do this on a sideboard, in front of a painting, on a coffee table, on a shelf.

    1. Amazing tip Jenny, I think with all the great feedback, I’m going to do a interior photographers handbook post with more detail like this

  4. Some great tips here! And lots of interios inspo – particularly like the home with the gallery wall going up the stairs, so cool!

  5. Very interesting! Really enjoyed this – I struggle a lot with photography. Definitely going to try these tips out

    1. So glad they were helpful!

  6. Brilliant tips! Can’t wait to play around with my camera and put them into practice.

    1. Glad you found them useful Juan! X