Homeware Brand Alert : Newtons Furniture
April 24, 2017

Homeware Brand Alert : Newtons Furniture

think traditional French decor sometimes an eclectic twist

Welcome to our fifth edition of the ‘Homeware Brand Alert’ feature. Our fortnightly instalment where we talk to our new favourite homeware company that we think represents great design – and to make it even better we team up with them to get you exclusive discounts, read on to claim your 10% discount code…

…This week we speak to Rachel, founder of Newtons furniture, whose French style furniture is unique, fun and decadently ornate. It’s been around for an impressive 15 years and to celebrate the big 15, Newtons have also now introduced accessories to compliment their furniture range. If you like eclectic decor, read on to find out more from Rachel about Newtons.


How would you define Newton’s style?

I would sum up our style as an eclectic take on timeless, classic design. We are an eccentric marriage of British design known for its wonderful quirkiness with a sprinkling of sassy French Je ne sais quois. You’ll find us at the point where the light side of interior design meets the dark side. Neither one nor the other and yet we are both.

What is the concept of your store?

Our original idea was and still is to create beautiful, well designed, handmade furniture with High Street rather than designer price tags. There are no middle men to pay, we don’t buy from wholesalers and the reduction in costs is passed on to our customers. We’ve grown into an international family with a collective set of values and a passion that does not allow us to accept the mediocre. We still work with the same craftsman and their families that carved our first pieces for us. I design all of our furniture and our craftsmen hand carve each piece from mahogany sourced for its sustainability. Even the delivery company we use is a family affair. Every piece of furniture we create is designed to last; we like to think of them as modern heirlooms.

What’s the most popular product in your store?

Our most popular piece of furniture has to be our Angelique Bed. It’s the perfect blend of classic meets modern French style and suits so many interior themes. It can be upholstered in more or less any colour you can imagine too. I think perhaps our newly launched Ashes Of Roses Bed may take over soon as it seems to be making a bid for the top spot.


If you could only choose one homeware item from the store, what would it be?

Can I only choose one? Obviously I love everything on our website otherwise it wouldn’t be there but I do have several personal favourites.  I would go for the Bonne Nuit Gold Dressing Table and Stool. I was inspired by the glamorous starlets, like Rita Hayworth of 1940’s Hollywood when I designed it and would love to add a touch of glam to my bedroom at home with this piece.





across entire range

How did Newtons Furniture come to be?

Ours literally is a love story. It started 30 years ago in St Tropez where I met my husband to be. Fast forward nine years and we found ourselves happily married living in a dilapidated Victorian home along with our first son (we now have three boys). The money pit (our home) as it was then fondly called ate up all our savings on bricks and mortar repairs. Dreams of designer interiors faded as the furniture we loved was way out of our price bracket. Over a bottle of wine one evening we had a light bulb moment and the concept that is Newtons was born. I put pencil to paper and sketched some designs, hubby jumped on a plane to set up production and our first pieces were brought to life. This year we celebrate our 15th Birthday and I find every day just as exciting as the first day we opened our doors. 

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