Pillow Talk Ep 5: Fiona’s Pink Bedroom Design
October 14, 2017

Pillow Talk Ep 5: Fiona's Pink Bedroom Design

pink lovers, this one's for you.

To anyone that’s a fan of our Pillow Talk series, you would have seen the epically magical nursery design we showed you two weeks ago. In case you missed it though, you can view it here.  This time we’re taking you on a tour of a recent design interior designer Fiona Brass created in her clients home in Surrey. Fiona’s been designing homes for over 10 years and it’s certainly shows – she has impeccable taste with a keen eye for symmetry and design. If you like interiors that ooze sophistication and a bit of glamour, then this pink striped bedroom is the one for you…

pink bedroom design
pink bedroom design

What’s the inspiration behind the design?

It needed to satisfy both the man and woman who shared the bedroom. I looked at it from a Ying and Yang angle: Female/Male, Dark and Light. The ensuite was also a factor to consider as i wanted this to form part of the overall design too.
pink bedroom design

What made you opt for stripes on the wall?

I knew the colours I wanted to bring into the room but couldn’t find the right wallpaper to compliment them, so I painted stripes.I could choose the exact width of each stripe to suit the furniture and design. I also wanted to give another angle on a feature wall.
pink bedroom design

Did the client have any existing furniture to work around?

Yes, the bedstead was a prominent feature in this room and needed to be considered in the design.
pink bedroom design

 “I knew the colours I wanted to bring into the room but couldn’t find the right wallpaper to compliment them, so I painted stripes”

pink bedroom design

Was there a particular design process?

The bed and the paint tones were my starting point on this project. The bed is low to the ground so the rest of the furniture needed to work around that.
pink bedroom design

To those interested, the throw is from John Lewis and the cushions from Marks and Spencer.

If you’re just as in love with Fiona’s designs, you can see more of her portfolio on her website, link below: 

Instagram @fionabrassinteriors
The Photographer details: 
The photographer is Clare Murthy www.claremurthy.com 
Instagram @claremurthyphotography


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  1. Oh I love the idea of masculine meets feminine as a concept!

  2. Love the idea of painting stripes directly onto the wall. Gorgeous scheme!

  3. Really love the clean lined simplicity in here which gives centre stage to the velvet headboard and cushions which are both fabulous, I must find these cushions!

  4. Lovely colours and I love the how they reflected both male and female. It flows beautifully

  5. I love a good bedroom and this bed is drop dead gorgeous but not very sure about these two things: (warning, this is a personal opinion only just to give some food for thought; I am not a trained designer): a) height of the stripes: maybe they should be shorter so you have 3 pink stripes? b) the mirrors sitting JUST on the pink stripe, that is not working for me, and they are too low, so they won’t really work unless you bend (or so it looks, I could be wrong). On that note, I would love to hear what others think about decorative mirrors by the bed in general.

    I LOVE the bedding accessories (throw and cushions) but seem to have bad luck when I visit M&S Home, can never find their really nice stuff on the floor or the website!!