Creating The ‘Scandi-Boho’ Look
June 26, 2017

Create The Scandi-Boho Look

learn about the secret love affair between Morocco & Scandinavia

The ‘ScandiBoho‘ look is probably one of the most emulated interior themes across Pinterest. Why? Sleek, minimalist Danish designs mixed with intricate, colourful patterns and textures influenced by place like Morocco, Thailand or Africa, are a match made in heaven. They balance each other out creating a harmonious, well thought out look. Now my room is complete (for now!) today I’m providing you with some Scandi-Boho inspiration as I welcome you into my bedroom. See the items I’ve chosen, mostly from Wayfair, to create this look. I hope it inspires you to try and recreate the look within your home…



Natural Materials e.g. hides, sheepskins, leathers

Indoor Plants 

Intricate & Assorted Patterns

Mixing Textures e.g. linens, velvets, woods etc

Minimalist Designs


image sources here & here via pinterest 














ITEM 1 – Use cushions with detail

Cushions are perfect for creating the scandi-boho look as you can play around with texture and pattern. Try something like these with an intricate pattern and pom-pom rim. We love these from Wayfair – click here. Try mixing these with more simple items to prevent it from becoming too busy. 

ITEM 2 -Statement lighting

I have two lamps in my room, one of which is Scandinavian designed and one of which is Moroccan influenced. The brass bedside table lamp is by House Doctor (one of my favourite brands) – see the collection here. The other lamp is by Emporio Arts, click here to see their range. The reason I’ve opted for these two is that they counter-balance each other. I personally love the way the Emporio Arts lamp casts so many shadows around the room emulated Moroccan styles but is balanced by the simplicity of the House Doctor lamp. This in your home – use something detailed and contrast it with something simple. 


ITEM TIP 3 – Use natural materials

This can be anything from cowhides, to sheepskins to linens or wool. On my bed I’ve opted for linen cushions and cotton bedsheets. I’ve then got a woolen bed throw and a sheepskin hide elsewhere in the room. To create the Scandi- Boho look, mixing textures is a crucial key. Sheepskins in particular are great as they represent a natural, earthy material but at the same time are seen frequently in Scandi interiors. Our favourite one on the market at the moment is this Violet-Grey one, click here to view. 


Do you have a Scandi-Boho home? Instagram the pics and add the hashtag #TopStyleFiles to be entered into our fortnightly competition!

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  1. I love the patterns this lamp gives off, it looks great in your room.

    1. Thanks so much Donna!

  2. Your bedroom looks stunning, I love how you have put everything together. I especially love the moroccan inspired lamp its beautiful xx

    1. What a lovely compliment, thank you – that’s brightened up my day!

  3. Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful, the lamp fits so well! x

    1. Thanks Kate, that’s very kind of you to say!