How To Create A Statement Wall
June 8, 2017

How To Create A Statement Wall

say good bye to wallpaper glue & washing up paint brushes
Hi all, Athina here. When I moved into my flat, there were so many white walls. Yes, to some that can be refreshing but sometimes you want to add a bit of interest, right? Something to make your guests go ‘wow’ or even give you that little buzz as you enter the room. Being part of generation rent, it can be difficult to paint all your walls different colours, especially when you know you have to go through the effort of repainting them when you leave the property. So, I wanted to show you how you how to create a statement wall with a bit of vinyl and that there is life beyond the paint pot… 
How To Create A Statement Wall

The starting point…

I knew that I wanted to do something drastic and I often flirted with the idea of peelable wallpaper. Amy even wrote a post on it a while back – see it here. But even then, I struggled to find a design I was 100% happy with. So, when I stumbled across Ink Mill Vinyl, I was thrilled at the prospect of decorating my wall with something that was not only removable, but affordable, and personalised. Being influenced by Scandi interiors, I loved the idea of having a geometric print on my wall. I asked the lovely Fiona at Ink Mill Vinyl if she could create such a thing – the answer was yes! 

The process…

 I sent her the design I liked and within a few days it arrived as three separate rolls, like wallpaper. Now to affix it to the wall. It’s probably worth noting that you’ll want a friend to help you do this – especially if you opt for my design! Why? Because there is no white backing – it’s literally just the black cube outline, so it can be fiddly and you’ll want to get it right! My wall is approx 3 x 2 m. As the pattern needs to overlap to line up, you’ll need to add a little bit extra width to ensure the design will fit together and cover the wall completely. 

How To Create A Statement Wall
statement wall

Why should you try it?

It took a few hours for me and a friend to fix the entire vinyl wall but the joy was that there was no sloppy glue required, no mess and no hassle really. I have tall ceilings, so my arms were reaching up high for quite some time – so you have the added bonus of burning off  those bingo wings too. 
statement wall

I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering making some high impact drama to a wall, to opt for Ink Mill vinyl. You don’t have to go for my hexagonal pattern – the possibilities are literally endless. You can upload your own graphics as long as they are vector files (e.g. ai, eps, svg or pdf files made up of paths). They will email you the price and if it’s within your budget, you can get cracking. Plus, if you hate it, you can just peel it off! Grab my design here.

statement wall
statement wall

Adorning the walls…

Next, it was time to decorate the wall. I still haven’t finished this.  I think it will be ongoing for some time as I’m so indecisive when it comes to my own home! The art you see on the statement wall is courtesy of Rise Art who lent me my favourite pieces for a recent collab and interview on Topology – you can view the article here. These will be going back next week *sob*. So now to find some great art work to install on it – temporarily, I’ve hung up my bus destination roller blind that was a gift from my boyfriend. But I think I’d like to create a gallery wall instead…feel free to send in your suggestions and I’ll post the results…

statement wall
If you haven’t heard of Rise Art, they’re definitely work checking out. They do some amazing, unique prints.  Our favourites are on the wall so if you like them too and want to know the artists behind them, see links below:
Predator by Paul Coghlin
Pink Ranunculus II by Paul Coghlin
Power at Battersea by Clare Halifax
Sub Rosa World by Faile NYC
Amazement by Ben Eine

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