faux succulents


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Faux Succulents

 £29 £26.10

The interior industry is loving faux foliage at the moment – be that in the form of house plants, shrubbery or big bouquets. For this reason we love Newtons Furniture’s faux succulents in a clamshell. Who needs a vase when you can put your indoor plants in a clamshell! We highly recommend this item not only because of its uniqueness but because it’s great for people who want style with low maintenance – now watering or changing pots here! Enter your email address for a 10% discount!

Product: 1x realistic clamshell filled with succulents

Delivery :  Furniture order deliveries are free for orders over £999.00, orders below this amount delivery is £49.00 for England and Wales and £59 for Scotland. Furniture is always delivered by a 2 man team who take the order to room of choice, unwrap all items, assemble the bed if this forms part of the order (everything else requires no assembly) and then remove the packaging for recycling.