How To Get Creative With Vinyl Stickers
August 22, 2017

How To get creative with vinyl stickers & a giveaway!

the only nice type of being sticky

You may or may not know that a while ago Athina went on a mission to seek out ways of decorating for renters that were A) affordable and B) unlikely to cause damage . After all, we all want to fight for that deposit back! So, when writing a post on ‘peelable wallpaper’ (view the post here), we came across vinyl stickers. For those of you who don’t know, vinyl is an amazing alternative to traditional wall décor like wallpaper or art work and it’s not expensive either. And more importantly, it’s peelable so on clean good condition walls it will peel off without any damage – suck you landlord! So, in this post, we’re going to show you some great ways we got creative with vinyl that we tried in Athina’s flat and show you some other epic ideas to get those decorating juices flowing. Plus there’s a giveaway to win your own vinyl calendar from Ink Mill Vinyl like Athina’s – details below!




For those of you who have a lot of wall space to fill, vinyl can be a gret solution as big designs wont cost near as much as a large frame does (why are frames so expensive!). So why not create something like a calendar? You can organise your own life or the families plans on a big scale – this means that everyone can add things to it. In my home office (Athina’s), this week we created a caldendar to help me organise my events, blog posts, client work etc – the result? Well see for yourself – I absolutely love it! Can’t promise it will mean I’ll turn up on time to everything but it’s a step in the right direction! What’s great about this vinyl too, is that it’s ‘chalkboard’ vinyl. So, you buy a chalkboard pen for a couple of quid and you have a full interactive wipeable surface. Here’s a link to the chalkboard – click here

The before shot..

vinyl stickers

After the application…

vinyl stickers
vinyl stickers
vinyl stickers
vinyl stickers
vinyl stickers


Get creative with your designs – think geometric, metallics, florals, botanical, retro – the possibilities are endless. I tried a geometric print in my living room and I absolutely love the result – see the images below. For more information on how to do this, read my post here


A nice idea to display a menu or recipe in a kitchen or dining area? Or a notes area in a home office? Possibilities with chalkboard vinyl are endless. Grab yours here.


When the budget it tight, fill up large blank wall space with a cool mural to liven up a wall without any hassle or damage


To WIN your very own vinyl calendar, head over to Instagram and follow both us (link here) & ink mill vinyl (link here) to see the competition details! 

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